Three African Pygmy goats. All three were born spring of .

They are vaccinated with Vision CDT and have their CL vaccine. They have been dewormed with Safe-guard.

2 does (females) and 1 wether (fixed male)

Wether (Buddy) and 1 female (Lucy) are agouti coloured and other female (Snowball) is pure white.
They all have horns. They are very small and I have never bred the girls.
Buddy and Lucy are very friendly and affectionate. They love people. Snowball is also friendly but a little shy and as a result gets bossed around by Buddy.
I would prefer to sell Buddy and Lucy together but since Buddy is quite bossy with Snowball I am willing to sell her separately.
I am asking $175 each for the females and $100 O.B.O for Buddy.
$400 for all 3 of them.

They are a bit dirty right now - too much rain and now snow :(